I have been doing more with hitRECord lately. I have a camera and so I figured I should use it. The things JGL asks for are quite simple to do and they become more beautiful when people put a spin on them or include you in their own beautiful art work.

I produced a quick 2 min testimonial about a dream I’ve had and it’s already been taken and remixed by another artist. It was still beautiful. I like letting other artists play with the work I’ve created. I feel like other people should feel the same.

We are so protective these days of the art we create. Afraid to speak our ideas for fear of them being stolen, we put watermarks on artwork, or insist that we write, act, direct, and produce our own content lest anyone ruin “our vision.”

This is a round about way of saying. Go to hitRECord and start creating art and letpeople use it and let it inspire others to elevate their own art.

So, quit being a pussy and create. <3

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We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time….

This guy knows his shit on how to kiss a girl.

This is all fake. #btw

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I generally resent laziness. I mean it’s okay to have a few lazy days, even I have those. What I mean is, I resent overtly lazy lifestyles. There is so much to do in life that I can’t understand the absurd amount of lackadaisical inactivity.

Homeless people outrage me. I understand that some of them :might” get dealt a shitty hand. However, when I see the same homeless people in the same places day in and day out, my blood boils.

When I get asked for money by a homeless person, I struggle with the urge to throttle them. Because unbeknownst to them, I bust my ass every day of the week just to livein this city! Let’s not even get into the average yearly costs of being an actor who frequently acts for free. So if by chance a homeless person reads this on their iphone that they probably purchased by acting pathetic 8 days a week, a word of advice: don’t fu!%ing ask me for money, EVER.Thanks <3

To other actors who want to be lazy: Please, go ahead. Don’t go to class, don’t read technique books, don’t work on student films, don’t do drop offs to casting directors, don’t write your own content. Because for everything you don’t do, you hold open the door for me to walk through, so chivalrous.

This has been a PSA/rant for those affected by laziness. It’s a serious problem.

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  • L: I've been playing chess my whole life!
  • Me: you've been playing straight out of the womb?
  • L: it's called a woman.
  • Me: uhhh, yes. You're absolutely right.
  • L: maybe you're the one who needs lessons?
  • Me: I would love that.
  • L: maybe I should be YOUR tutor!?
  • Constantly getting schooled by children.

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…but one of my favorite activities these days is going to an attractive girl’s facebook profile just to see if she’s finally not in a relationship. I don’t do or say anything. Just perpetuating my current theory of the fleeting impermanence of love and relationships in your early to mid twenties.


But not sorry.

What are you doing this weekend?




It’s nice. Being the one people go to every know and again to talk. I take a certain level of peace knowing that in places far away from where I live, people still give a shit about what I think. Never take that for granted.

I used to date a horrid bitch who would consistently piss and moan about being that person that people go to when they need a friend. The irony is blatantly hilarious. Nowadays I’d be surprised if anyone asked her for the time of day (which she could probably wouldn’t be able to handle).

Wow, how did this post end up about her?Ah well, it’s a stream of consciousness so I can’t take it back. So anyway. Yeah, it’s soothing to me that people still value my opinion. Thanks for making me feel needed. You guys are da best.


I realize that my standards for women are kinda high. There’s a reason for that. I just recently discovered I don’t perform well in a one night stand scenario unless certain criteria are met. I can manage to please just fine, but if the standards aren’t met I’m left feeling bleh.

Hate to break it to you ladies but a dick isn’t always SO easy to bust. In fact, there have been multiple times in my sexual life where I haven’t finished. Sometimes I’m honest about it, other times I hide it quite well.

I lowered my standards this one time, but I definitely won’t be making a habit of that.


Truth be told I never was yours.

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Everything is a lie.


That awkward moment when you deny the opportunity to hookup because it would involve you driving 9 miles and losing your parking spot on a street cleaning day.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you #LAproblems